Your Copy Editor

Nora Stoecker, NKS Info Services, 2015

I help business and research  institutions, small business owners, and individuals–you–polish your books, journal or magazine articles, conference papers, dissertations, fact sheets, technical reports, theses, white papers, website content, and more.

How? By supporting you with my skills in basic proofreading, copyediting, citation verification, and fact checking, as well as information research and writing.

Nora K. Stoecker,


Light copyediting

  • Editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and conformance to required style guides
  • Ensuring consistency in all mechanical matters and checking for internal consistency of facts
  • Correlating parts of the document–checking contents page against chapters; checking numbering of footnotes or end notes; checking footnotes, end notes, or in-text citations against bibliography or reference lists, etc.
  • Pointing out any text, tables, or illustrations that may need permissions
  • Correcting all outright errors in grammar, syntax, and usage
  • Asking about statements that seem incorrect

Medium or heavy copyediting

All of the above, plus:

  • Correcting all errors in grammar, syntax, and usage, and possibly inappropriate usage as well
  • Pointing out or rewriting wordy or convoluted sections
  • Requesting or supplying definitions of terms that might be new to the intended audience
  • Attempting to verify and revise incorrect facts
  • Asking about or revising faulty organization or gaps in logic
  • Verifying that citations and references adhere to the required or preferred style guide

Citation verification

Basic citation verification will occur as part of a substantive copyedit, but there may be times when you need more research, or when all you need is to have the citations or references confirmed or enhanced.

  • Verifying that citations are complete and that they adhere to the required or preferred style guide
  • Finding and adding full citations when needed

Fact Checking

  • Checking accuracy of facts, names, dates, URLs, and other data, using sources cited by the author, or other relevant sources

Updated January 2017