What can librarians/info pros do for your business?

What can a librarian or information professional by any other name do for your business?  Besides the tradtional research, print and electronic collection management, knowledge management, and so on?  Plenty, as evidenced by “Branching Out and Speaking Up“, a recent article in the July/August 2012 Information Outlook. 

He, she, or they can:

  • publish articles in industry venues that advance recognition of your business and/or issues of importance to you,
  • provide data management, data curation, and project management in support of helping you and your business to build on its own knowledge base and/or meet federal agency expectations for research management , if you receive federal funding for said research,
  • offer GIS mapping of data and other information visualization skills,
  • educate your staff by offering brown bag seminars, webinars, and other events on various timely topics,
  • deliver regular industry-related news in various easy-to-digest formats for busy staff and managers,
  • add great value to your technology committees or other IT-committees (think of the experience your librarian/info pro has with online research tools, electronic subscriptions,  software tools, and the information-seeking needs of your staff),
  • and so much more!

Whether you have in-house info pros (editorial comment – and you should!) or use external contractors (we’re useful too), think outside the box of what you assume he, she or they can do and reap the benefits.


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